SEMrush Review [Brutally Honest] : With Free Trial (Pro Account)

If you have been searching for an in-depth and expert review on SEMrush, then you have landed to the right page finally.

But before we begin, let’s have a quick brief about the tool.

So, SEMrush is basically a Search Engine Marketing tool. 

Now, what is ‘search engine marketing’- you may ask? 

Well, it is one of the most effective way to boost your online business in this continuously growing online marketplace.

But let’s now take a step ahead and proceed by delving deep into the concept and the tool, so that you can actually get an unbiased review about all the important features that this tool has to offer and whether I recommend it or not?

So, What is SEMrush? – A Brief Overview

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO toolkit. It is such a tool includes SEO checker, site audit, social media tracker, keyword research and lots more.

The special thing about SEMrush is you can watch not only your analytics but also your competitors’ analytics regarding social media traffic, search position, website traffic and so on.

It is undoubtedly a very effective tool specially optimized for online marketers and bloggers for reaching their targeted audience while having the idea about their competitors’ position.

According to SEO and blog experts, SEMrush is one of the best SEO toolkit and the best tool for keyword research. And as mentioned above too, since it allows you to monitor your competitors’ position on a lot many parameters, it makes it unique from all of its rivals. 

But, Hey ! Why don’t you have a quick overview of this tool through a video? -Shared below.

 So, now that you know a bit about SEMrush, Would you like to have a free trial in order to experience the tool? 

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Table of Contents So, What is SEMrush? – A Brief OverviewSo, Now Let’s Start By Creating A SEMrush Account Exploring SEMrush ‘Guru’ Account- What makes it special?Extended limits of featuresExploring In-depth Feature Reviews About Popular SEMrush Tools#1. Competitor Analysis#2. Keyword Magic ToolBut what does “question keywords” mean?Finding question keywords with SEMrush keyword magic toolElements of Keyword Magic Tool#3. Backlink Checker Tool#4. Perform Full Site Audit#5. Position Tracking#6. Domain Comparison#7. Brand Monitoring ToolPlans & PricingPros & ConsPros of SEMrushCons of SEMrushSo, Do We Recommend SEMrush?

So, Now Let’s Start By Creating A SEMrush Account

  • First you have to go to SEMrush website.
  • You will reach this below page. From the top right corner select “Sign Up”.

Sign up in SEMrushSign up in SEMrush

  • A page like this will arrive. Input your email and password and click on “Create your SEMrush account”.

Sign up in SEMrushSign up in SEMrush

  • If you are already signed in into your google account, you can click on “Continue with Google” and a pop-up window will appear. Select your google account from there and you will reach the next page.
  • Next, you have to select your subscription plan. There are three types of plan available. I’ll discuss about them later. But here you’ll see only two of them, You can select either Pro plan or Guru plan and click on “Get free trial”.
  • Input your card details and click on “Place the order”. You’ll have 7 days free trial and you can also see the date when SEMrush will charge you for your selected plan.

Sign up in SEMrushSign up in SEMrush

  • You can also select “Skip trial”. In this way you will create a free account from which you can upgrade to any plan at any time.
  • There you are. You’ve successfully created your account on SEMrush.
  • Note : In case, you wish to explore about ahrefs too, and then decide on which one you should go for, then we have got a detailed analysis for you on the same. The link to our article is mentioned below

 Exploring SEMrush ‘Guru’ Account– What makes it special?

Can’t you decide if you should go for SEMrush Pro or Guru account? Let me help you decide that by highlighting the features that you’ll get with the Guru account instead of Pro.

  • Gain access to unlimited historical data: You’ll get access to access to unlimited historical data as well as analytical data with SEMrush Guru account. You can access your competitors’ website performance since January 2012. If you’re an SEO expert or growing market agency and you need access to your competitors’ historical data then Guru account is just for you.
  • Access to multi-targeting: Do you want to know your rank around the world for different devices and locations regarding the same project? Multi-targeting is for that. It gives you the ability to track your ranking for different locations and multiple devices such as mobiles or computers etc. for the same project.
  • Unlocking branded PDF reports: With SEMrush Guru account you can unlock the special feature of branded PDF reports. Are you wondering what this is? It means you can send PDF reports to your clients with your own company or brand logo and name in the header and impress them right away withe their analytics details.
  • Get access to all tools: You can get access to all premium tool of SEMrush with Guru account. With Pro account this access is limited. Why be limited? Be limitless!
  • Import ranking from 3rd party tools: Well this is a special feature. You can import your ranking from 3rd party tools “upon request”. If you need 3rd party tools ranking regarding your project, you can request SEMrush to provide that for you.

Extended limits of features

SEMrush Guru account provides a lot of extended limits for almost all features. But let’s explore a few of them.

  • Domain and keyword analytics: You can get 30,000 results per report, 5000 reports per day and 1000 keyword metrics updates per month.
  • Projects: 15 projects.
  • Keywords tracking: 1500 keywords to track (including daily updates).
  • Site Audit: 3,00,000 pages to crawl per month.
  • On page SEO checker: 800 SEO idea units per month.
  • Social media: 100 social media profiles for tracking and 30 social media profiles for posting.
  • Reporting: 20 scheduled PDF reports.
  • Topic research tool: Unlimited access.
  • SEO content template: 800 per month.
  • Content audit tool: 20,000 pages to audit.
  • Brand monitoring: You can track 5 countries.
  • Post tracking: 50 posts to track per month.
  • SEO writing assistant: 5 plagiarism checks per month with SEO writing assistant.

Exploring In-depth Feature Reviews About Popular SEMrush Tools

Let’s get a deeper look in SEMrush tools and what you can do with it.

#1. Competitor Analysis

When you are in marketplace or in digital marketplace, you always have to know your competitors. Your competitors also think the same and keep an eye on you always.

So, if you want to get pass your competitor, you first have to know them and their position. With SEMrush, you can know full detailed information about your competitors’ page status and traffic. And, this is one of the biggest reasons why most companies and bloggers use this tool to track their competitors.

So, how will you do it? If you’re new to SEMrush and don’t know how to do competitor analysis, don’t worry because I’ll show you exactly how to proceed from the scratch.

  • So, after logging in, you will see your dashboard. From top menu bar, click on “All Reports”. A drop down menu will appear. Select “Domain Overview” from there. Or, from the left menu bar click on the “Domain Analytics”. A drop down menu will appear. Select “Overview” from there.

Competitor analysisCompetitor analysis

  • This page will appear. Type the domain you want to search for in the search box. For example, I’ve typed amazon’s domain in the box. Next click on the search button.

Competitor analysisCompetitor analysis

  • Wait a little and full analysis about amazon’s domain will appear right in front of you.

Competitor analysisCompetitor analysis

So, like this, you can search for all of your competitors’ data analysis.

SEMrush updates the data daily so you’ll have almost accurate results every time you search.

#2. Keyword Magic Tool

Many people on google search for their queries with questions. Does that sound weird? Absolutely not! Everyone has searched with questions more than once in their life.

So how can you target the visitors with questions related to your business theme? You can do that by using “question keywords”.

SEMrush has the tool called Keyword Magic that you can use for finding question keywords.

But what does “question keywords” mean?

Question keywords means those “question phrases” that people use while searching on search engines like Google.

For example- Let me type a question for illustration : ‘why my laptop is so slow’?

Keyword magic toolKeyword magic tool

For this searched question, Google is directly showing a featured snippet answer.

So basically, the questions you set depends on what topic you are writing or on what topic your article is based on. Such as-

  • For fitness industry- “how to lose weight”
  • For software industry- “how to get windows”
  • For entertainment industry- “what is the best movie”

These are a few example of question keywords. I hope you’re clear by now.

If you’re able to answer your targeted customers for their questions, they will trust you and this will take you a step ahead from your competitor’s blogs or articles who are simply just targeting their content only around a keyword.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of using question keywords.

  • Getting feature snippets easily as you’re answering specific questions.
  • Easily getting top ranked in spite of heavy competition.
  • Getting targeted visitors from all search.

Finding question keywords with SEMrush keyword magic tool

Let me tell you step by step on how you can do it. It’s pretty easy!

  • From your dashboard click on “All Reports”. A drop-down menu will appear. Select “Keyword Magic Tool” from there. Or, from the left menu bar click on “Keyword Analytics”, and from the drop-down menu select “Keyword Magic Tool”.

Keyword magic toolKeyword magic tool

  • Once the below page appears, in the search box, type the question you want to search for.

Keyword magic toolKeyword magic tool

  • The results of your targeted seed words will appear in the below format.

Keyword magic toolKeyword magic tool

  • You can then select “Questions” from here to see a list of only questions for your targeted seed words, and you are all done.

Keyword magic toolKeyword magic tool

Elements of Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword: The keywords you and your competitor sites are using.

Volume: Average number of monthly searches for a keyword for 12 months period.

Trend: The interest of searchers in a given keyword for over a 12 months period.

KD: KD is an important factor here. KD means Keyword Difficulty and it shows in percentage. It shows you how difficult it is for you to outrank your competitors on Google. The higher the percentage, the more difficult the competition.

CPC: Cost per click in USD. The average price in USD advertisers pay for a user’s click on an ad triggered by a given keyword.

Com.: This is Competitive Density. The level of competition between advertisers bidding on a given keyword is represented by this.

SF: SERP Features that appear in a search result for given keyword.

Results: The n umber of URLs displayed in organic search results for the given keyword.

#3. Backlink Checker Tool

Backlinks are an essentials requirement for you if you are a new blogger and you want to increase your page traffic.

A lot of blogger refer backlink as the backbone on any site because it helps to generate more organic traffic and search traffic.

Many people start using free backlink checkers when they first start. But they don’t get accurate results because the free ones don’t update their data frequently.

However you can trust completely on SEMrush Pro regarding this, as they update their database regularly, and so you can be assured of getting accurate results and information.

#4. Perform Full Site Audit

So, what is a full site SEO audit and how will it benefit you?

By conducting a full site audit, you can find out the errors, warnings and notices about your websites that you may have missed earlier while finding it out manually.

And, after you find out the errors, you can easily solve them and get an instant hike in your SERP rankings for those very articles.

Yes, you’ve read it write. By performing a full site, audit and solving the problems, your search traffic will increase by atleast 20% and you’ll get a big boost in your domain rankings.

Many people find doing this quite painful and it actually is. But with SEMrush Pro you just have to input your domain and sit back. The whole process will be done and you’ll instantly get the results.

#5. Position Tracking

Are you thinking about your website position or how much traffic you’re generating?

In order to stay in competition with your competitors you should also keep a track of their and your position.

Also, if you don’t have access to the right tools, tracking your positing might be difficult.

But thanks to SEMrush Pro, it gives you full access to it. You can track both your and your competitors’ positions all under ne dashboard that too in graphical charts.

As SEMrush updates it’s data every 24 hours, the data you get is accurate and 100% reliable, and you can instantly use it to plan further marketing strategy.

#6. Domain Comparison

Comparison of your domain with your competitors’ domain is another important parameter that gives you a clear idea about whose domain is gaining more traffic in searches. It shows who is going up in searches and who is going down on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

With SEMrush, you can easily compare upto 5 domains in a go.

#7. Brand Monitoring Tool

Brand monitoring tool is for tracking your online reputation. When you’re on digital platform, your reputation means a lot and above all keeping an eye over the negative reviews becomes of paramount importance.

Moreover, positive mentions on different social media platform can really boost your business.

But tracking all these ‘mentions, by yourself is quite time consuming. Isn’t it?

But why to worry , when you have SEMrush?

SEMrush Pro will track and notify your mentions and at the same time will let you compare it with your competitors too.

Plans & Pricing

Now that we have discussed the premium features of SEMrush, let’s discuss its plans and pricing. SEMrush offers three types of plans. All three of them have monthly and annually billing options. The below screenshot makes it quite self explanatory and evident.

semrush price

You can surely save some money (upto 16%) simply by subscribing to annual plans instead of monthly plans.

Pros & Cons

Pros of SEMrush

  • All in one SEO tool.
  • Updated daily getting you accurate results.
  • A comprehensive competitor research makes it unique.
  • Great tool for monitoring and comparing your and your competitors’ brand, traffic, position and so on.
  • Best tool for finding laser focused keywords.
  • Site audit gives incredible advantage and early warnings to fix issues.

Cons of SEMrush

  • You may need time getting used to it.
  • Pricing may be an issue for start-ups.
  • The backlink data may not be accurate sometimes but it’s better than other tools.

So, Do We Recommend SEMrush?

Absolutely yes! 

If you want to dominate the search results in search engines then you surely need SEMrush. It is an all in one SEO toolkit.

Moreover, from all the discussions until now, you must have understood why and how it can be beneficial for your business in long run. It is a boon for every blogger and online marketers who wants to outrank competitor’s in their niche.


Get started with SEMrush free trial right now and get ahead of your competitors from DAY-1!

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