SE Ranking Vs Spyfu- An Honest Review by a Full Time Blogger

SE Ranking and SpyFu are two of the most popular tools in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketplace.

SE Ranking, launched in 2014, is a cloud-based platform for SEO and web-based advertising experts. It gives a total assemblage of tools for thorough webpage review, rival analysis, site ranking, keyword recommendation and gathering, backlink checking, reports generation and many more.

SpyFu, launched in 2005, is fairly a veteran in the commercial SEO marketplace. This tool primarily, as even the name suggests, lets you spy on your rivals’ online presence and decode their winning processes to a certain extent.

Below is a graphical review of both of the tools, and how they perform for different employee size firms.

Table Of Content

  • Evaluating these tools on the basis of Keyword research, which one is better and what is its alternative.
  • Evaluating these tools on the basis of Competitor Analysis, which one is better and what is its alternative.
  • Evaluating these tools on the basis of PPC Analysis, which one is better and what is its alternative.
  • Evaluating their Pricing plans.
  • Deciding Final Verdict (Which one to choose?)
  • Comparing their Rating.

So, now that I have given you a brief introduction about the tools, let’s get started serially with the topics from the table of content.

#1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the nerve cord of SEO, that includes distinguishing popular words and terms that people go searching for into the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It is in this regard that SEO tools enable you with the relevant information pertaining to a ‘Keyword’ (s) to rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERP). 

Moving on with the subject, today, we’ll analyze keyword research highlights offered by SE Ranking and SpyFu and discover which one is more appropriate for this immeasurably significant SEO task.

SE Ranking

Sooner you type your ‘seed keyword’ into the SE Ranking interface, you’ll receive an layout of significant keyword parameters for your keywords such as ‘difficulty’, ‘search volume’ and ‘CPC’ (as shown below)

You’ll further discover these keyword varieties assembled into 3 classifications— ‘similar keywords’, ‘related keywords’ and ‘low search volume keywords’. 

In the layout report, you’ll additionally find the main 5 ‘organic search results’ for your seed keywords, based on the search volumetraffic details and the related keywords they rank for.

Along with that, you will also get to know the websites you’ll be fighting with if you choose to focus on these keywords on your blog.


There are two different ways you can do keyword research on SpyFu: 

  • Traditional keyword research.
  • Competitor-based keyword research

In traditional keyword research, once you put your primary keyword in the search box, SpyFu will create a keyword research layout report highlighting parameters like ‘monthly volume’ and ‘estimated clicks’ that they have received.

Similarly, in competitor-based keyword research, Spyfu will help you to discover keywords with traffic potential by doing analysis of your rivals’ domain.

As soon as you type in your rival’s domain, SpyFu, will get you a layout report including your rival’s top natural and paid keywords.

To get a total list of keywords, you simply need to click on the “View All Organic Keywords” underneath the top keywords section.

Same way you can even view the list of paid keywords along with their CPC.

When you’ve created a list of keywords your rival at present ranks for, you can easily target those keywords and climb the SERP pretty easily.

Which Tool is Better for Keyword Research?

WinnerSE Ranking

SE Ranking is far superior tool for keyword research simply because of its exhaustiveness. While SpyFu is useful for producing competitor-based keywords, SE Ranking gives better keyword varieties and more intensive information for all the short tail and long tail keywords.

Apart from keyword research, SE Ranking also has a lot of numerous premium features an SeO Pro can go for. The video below gives a brief intro and a glimpse of almost all of them.

Tip~ If you are looking for the best alternative to SE Ranking, then it’s simply SEMrush

#2. CompetitorAnalysis

It’s no secret now that to remain ahead, you need to quickly be able to investigate what keywords your primary rivals are positioning for, what sort of advertisements they are running, and all the more critically, the level of engagement their content gets. 

Let’s now see how SE Ranking and Spyfu performs in this regard.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking has almost all the essential highlights needed to lead rival analysis.On simply typing your principle rival’s domain in “Competitor-Research” tab, SE Ranking will instantly create a layout report highlighting information on your rival’s natural traffic and paid traffic.

To showcase the same in a practical scenario,  I have taken Amazon’s example for illustrating the same below.

You can likewise observe your rival’s highest ranking pages on the “Pages” interface in the sidebar (screenshot below)

In brief, it will uncover those pages and posts on your rival’s site that get the most traffic.


SpyFu actually dwells in competitive analysis as compared to SE Ranking. However, let’s just go through what it offers, quickly.

Just after typing your rival’s domain in the search box in the overview tab, you shall get a layout of the domain’s top natural keywords, assessed SEO clicks, paid keywords, assessed PPC clicks, and a few more relevant parameters.

The tool will also show you your rival’s top pages and advertising history.You’ll additionally observe “Top AdWords Buy Recommendations” — these are the ‘buying keywords’ on which your rivals are getting traffic for.

Which Tool is Better for Competitor Analysis?

WinnerSE Ranking

Until 2019, SpyFu would had come out as the winner. However, in 2020, SE Ranking has added new highlights to introduce an unquestionably more complete image of your rivals’ top natural keywords, and then showing the performance of your own blog posts;  making it a clear winner in this segment.


Tip~ Alternative here again would be SEMRush, for a detailed review, read SEMrush Vs SE Ranking

#3. PPC Analysis

PPC represents pay-per-click, a model of web marketing in which an advertiser pay a fee each time one of their advertisements is clicked.

How about we investigate the PPC highlights offered by SE Ranking and SpyFu and discover which toolkit is more capable at PPC examination?

Let’s start.

SE Ranking

Once you enter your primary keywords in SE Ranking, you’ll see the assessed CPC for those keywords in the following layout report.

You likewise get the chance to even see the paid outcomes for your objective keywords.To see paid outcomes for your seed keywords, simply hit “Paid outcomes” in the sidebar.

The report will also give you all the domains that are competing for your ‘primary keywords’ on Google Ads. (Screenshot below) – a feature I believe is extremely important in deciding the competitor’s bidding starategy.

You can also see the promotion duplicates by simply moving your cursor over the “Ad” button against each site.


As opposed to SE Ranking, SpyFu has few more highlights for PPC analysis.

So, let’s get started.

To perform PPC research on SpyFu, you will need to hit the “PPC Research” tab from the top menu, and enter your rival’s domain. SpyFu will then produce a PPC layout report including that domain’s paid keywords, assessed monthly PPC clicks, monthly PPC spending plan, and other PPC matrices.

The other valuable PPC highlight in SpyFu is the ‘AdWords Templates’. Yet, to avail the same, you will have to move up to SpyFu’s Basic Plan ($31/month), which isn’t a justifiable ROI in my opinion, since it doesn’t offers the same for other popular search engine platforms. 


To get to these formats, head over to:

PPC Research > AdWords Templates > Select Industry starting from the drop list > Continue to download

Which Tool is Better for PPC Analysis?

WinnerSpyFu (Although SE Ranking gives a tough competition here)

SpyFu gives a superior performance in case you’re assessing this tool simply from a PPC viewpoint.

SE Ranking on the contrary is useful just for surface-level PPC information, however if we just have to compare between the two pinpointing the PPC parameters only, SpyFu is the better option.

#4. Pricing Plans

SE Ranking along with SpyFu are some of the financially valued toolkits in the SEO industry. Below is a chart illustrating a brief comparison for you to review the same. 

​However, let’s also discuss their pricing plans in detail.

SE Ranking

It gives you 3 plans:

Optimum– 10 websites

  • $31/month -250 keywords, 450000 keyword checks
  • $43/month -500 keywords, 900000 keyword checks
  • $55/month -750 keywords, 1350000 keyword checks.

If you’re a SEO novice or maintain an independent small enterprise or blog, at that point, Optimum plan ought to work pretty well.

Plus– Unlimited websites

  • $71/month -1000 keywords, 1800000 keyword checks
  • $119/month -1750 keywords, 3150000 keyword checks

In case you’re an office owner or a part of an organization that is scaling up, you can comfortably go with the Plus plan.

Enterprise– Unlimited websites

  • $151/month -2500 keywords, 4500000 keyword checks
  • $279/month -5000 keywords, 9000000 keyword checks
  • $439/month -10000 keywords, 18000000 keyword checks
  • $599/month -15000 keywords, 27000000 keyword checks
  • $719/month -20000 keywords, 36000000 keyword checks

In case you’re managing a mid size agency or is an owner of an SME, the Enterprise plan because extremely essential for you. This is also a great plan in case you are to scale your business in the future.

You can save 20% on any plan by switching to annual billing.


It gives 3 plans with 2 options each:


$0 with 10 search results (unlimited searches)


5k keyword rankings (traced weekly)

  • Monthly- $39/month (unlimited search results)
  • Annual- $33/month (unlimited search results)

If you happen to maintain a small enterprise, the Basic plan will work like a charm.


15k keyword rankings (traced weekly)

  • Monthly- $79/month (unlimited search results)
  • Annual- $58/month (unlimited search results)

In case you are an office proprietor or planning to take a business online, you should go with the Professional plan.


40k keyword rankings (traced weekly).

  • Monthly- $299/month (unlimited search results)
  • Annual- $199/month (unlimited search results)

Team plan is usually recommend only for large size agencies or for an agency that’s heavily focusing on running PPC campaigns

So, which one to choose?

SE Ranking and SpyFu are extraordinary valuable SEO toolkit, but again they do have their pros and cons

SE Ranking is incredible when it comes to site review, rival research, basic PPC investigation, keyword research in addition to other things.

On the other hand, SpyFu is a decent rival research and PPC analysis tool.

So, the decision between SE Ranking and SpyFu descends to your need right now.

In case you’re searching for a SEO toolkit that includes all the fundamental highlights to assist you with positioning higher in SERPs, you should go for SE Ranking.

And, in case you’re just searching for a rival research toolkit with cutting edge PPC analysis highlights, SpyFu is a good decision.

To make you more empowered to take an informed decision, we have even come up with an graphical chart to illustrate the ratings of both the tools on some of the most industry standard parameters such as, ease of use, ease of administration, quality support, ease of doing business and more.

Overall Ratings Based On Few Of The Important Parameters

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