How To Delete a Funnel In ClickFunnels

At ClickFunnels if you have the basic plan that is $97/month, which most of the new users use, you can create a limited number of funnels.

For basic plan, that is 20 funnels in total. If you know how to delete a funnel in ClickFunnels, you can free up space.

Do you need free space?

If you have the platinum plan that offers unlimited funnels, that costs $297/month, then you don’t have to delete a funnel in order to create space. Yet, if you are not happy with your funnel or don’t want to keep any funnel anymore then surely you can delete that.

If you want to create a new funnel, with the basic plan, after creating 20 funnels already, you have to delete a funnel and then create a new one.

The question is how to delete a funnel in ClickFunnels. Don’t worry, we will get you through it. But deleting a funnel only means to archive it. You will find details at the end.

Deleting A Funnel

Let’s see now how you can delete a funnel in ClickFunnel-

  1. Go on the top bar of your account page, select “ClickFunnels” icon from center of the bar. A drop down menu will appear. Select “Funnels” from the drop down menu.
How To Delete a Funnel In ClickFunnels
  1. Your funnels page will open. This is where all your funnels are saved. Now select the Funnel you want to delete as shown in the image.
How To Delete a Funnel In ClickFunnels
  1. In the funnels top navigation menu, select “Settings” from top-right corner.
How To Delete a Funnel In ClickFunnels
  1. Now scroll all the way down directly to the bottom of the page. On bottom-left, click on “Archive Funnel”.
How To Delete a Funnel In ClickFunnels
  1. Now you will be navigated again to your funnels page. You might see the deleted funnel still being there.
  2. It takes a few seconds for the action to take place. Refresh the page after a few seconds and you will see the funnel is deleted successfully.
  3. There is another important point- A funnel is not actually deleted.

Can you actually delete a funnel?

Yes, you’ve read it right. This whole deleting process actually archives a funnel. Once you’ve created a funnel, it cannot be permanently deleted. It moves to “Archives” folders.

It obviously free up your space. Moreover, if you ever need the deleted funnel again, you can always find it in the “Archives” folder.

So, do not worry if you’ve taken the basic ClickFunnels plan, which is $97/month and have the limit of total 20 funnels. Simply remove a funnel to create more space and continue expanding your business and reach your targeted customers.

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