HostMonster Review : Why It’s the most affordable web hosting?

HostMonster is one of the most affordable options for web hosting. It comes with great facilities like one free domain name, 5 email accounts, provision for one-click WordPress installation as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee period.

Hostmonster is a renowned web hosting service provider perfect for beginners and small business owners due to reasonably priced plans with a host of features, including free ones. You can view their hosting plans directly from the button below and avail 52% instnt discount.

HostMonster does provide fully managed dedicated servers with its VPS plans. It also has fully dedicated server plans.

Here, we will be going through what features HostMonster has to offer at what prices and compare that with other options in the market.

Table of Contents1 Small Business Hosting2 About HostMonster3 Shared Hosting 3.1 Unlimited Bandwidth 3.2 Free Domain Registration3.3 Cheapest Plans3.4 More Email Addresses3.5 Shared Hosting Features3.5.1 Website Builder3.5.2 MOJO Marketplace3.5.3 WordPress and Blogging3.5.4 Developer Features3.5.5 E-commerce3.5.6 SSL Certificates3.5.7 Bonus Plan3.5.8 Media Hosting4 Free Website Builder4.1 Weebly vs. WordPress4.2 How to Activate Weebly4.3 Online Store Features5 What Makes it a Favorite Among Individuals and SMEs? 5.1 Dedicated Plans6 Payment and Renewal Options7 Special HostMonster Offer8 HostMonster Features8.1 cPanel8.2 Specializations8.3 Migration Policy8.4 Online Support Documentation8.5 Datacenters8.6 Money-Back Guarantee8.7 HostMonster’s Lowest-Priced Plan8.8 Backup Policy8.8.1 Site Backup Pro8.9 PCI Compliance9 Alternate Options10 Does This Budget Option Fulfil Your Expectations?10.1 HostMonster’s Technology11 Uptime Guarantee12 Cloudflare CDN13 24/7 Customer Support13.1 Support for Prospective Customers13.2 Tech Support for Paid Customers13.3 Online Help Documentation14 Pros and Cons14.1 Final Thoughts15 FAQs15.0.1 How easy is it to set up a basic website with HostMonster?15.0.2 Does HostMonster offer any Windows hosting plans?15.0.3 Where are HostMonster’s datacenters located?15.0.4 Are managed dedicated servers available at HostMonster?15.0.5

Small Business Hosting

The target niche of HostMonster consists of small businesses and new ventures.

The most basic plan includes free domain names, uncomplicated set-up, free website building tool, and one-click app installations. Even if you do not have the specialized technical expertise, you will get everything you need to set up your website right here.

Even larger enterprises can benefit from Hostmonster, through their dedicated and VPS server plans. You can check out their offerings right here. You will see that any business, no matter what their size, can go online with the help of Hostmonster.

About HostMonster

HostMonster is a subsidiary of Endurance International Group (EIG) and has a number of sister concerns also in the business of web hosting for smaller brands. It has been providing hosting services for about twenty years now.

Shared Hosting

As with most hosting companies, the shared plans of HostMonster are best for amateur website owners and smaller commercial outfits and provides unlimited amenities like bandwidth. By unlimited, it does not mean you can use however much you want. Rather, you will be able to use the resources provided as much as you want along with the other shared server users without having to pay anything.

Click here and find out all the awesome offerings of the shared hosting plans of HostMonster.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Any shared hosting plan is not suitable for large websites with a high volume of traffic as the bandwidth provided would not be enough. But for the needs of individuals and minor businesses, these provisions of bandwidth and disk space are almost always sufficient. Since HostMonster mostly targets this niche, most of its users will be good with this.

The disk space you are allowed depends on the plan you subscribe to. Disk space is limited for the lowest plans while high-tier plans provide unrestricted disk space usage facility. You can find what you get with which plan here.

Free Domain Registration

Like most hosting providers, HostMonster also allows one free domain for a year with all hosting plans, after which, you will have to pay to renew the registration. If you have already chosen your hosting company and just want a domain name, you can purchase them at HostGator and use it with the hosting company you have signed up with. If you want to go with HostMonster itself, click here to see what you get.

Cheapest Plans

Along with one domain, you will also get 5 email accounts with the lowest plan, while the top-tier ones will give you access to unlimited email accounts and domains. Survey its plans and find out what you need right here.

More Email Addresses

As a HostMonster customer, especially one with a personal website or small brand website, you may not need unlimited email accounts. But for a larger business, it is good to have the option to create separate accounts for all the employees. You will also get three options for email service providers to choose from.

Shared Hosting Features

The “Hosting Features” page on the site of HostMonster shows you every single feature they provide. Of course, the exact offerings differ with the plan, and what you will get exactly depends on the plan you choose. You can view the exact plan details here and choose the one that suits you best.

Below, we have described these features for your benefit. Read on to find out which is useful for you.

Website Builder

The unlimited facilities apart, you also get free access to the Weebly website builder irrespective of the hosting plan. We will talk more about this later on.

MOJO Marketplace

E-commerce sellers could greatly benefit from the tie-up with MOJO Marketplace, which allows you free access from your cPanel and one-click installation of apps.

WordPress and Blogging

HostMonster also provides the traditionally mandatory WordPress support. You can create your very own WordPress site and launch it directly from the cPanel. Even if you already have a site, you can attach WordPress blogging to it. HostMonster even has guidelines for this.

Developer Features

Special components for developers include FTP access, custom Cron jobs, SSH access, CGI-Bin, and MySQL databases. If you are a coder, you can also benefit from the multi-language support like PHP5, Python, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and JavaScript.


Support for shopping carts like osCommerce, Agora, Cube Cart, and Zen Cart is also available on HostMonster for those with e-commerce needs.

SSL Certificates

HostMonster provides a free SSL security certificate and hosts all sites on SSL-secure servers. It is best to use this security measure on all kinds of sites and not just those that require customers to enter financial or private information. This lends security to your site and makes it trustworthy to visitors.

Bonus Plan

The bonus plan is for those who want extra features for special needs. It comes with a dedicated IP address as well as a private SSL certificate that serves as an additional security feature for e-commerce websites. You will also get Site Backup Pro for free with this plan. If you want extra security and reliability of your site, try this plan from here.

Media Hosting

Media hosting is another interesting feature that you get with HostMonster. You can do video streaming, audio streaming, and MIDI files support to make your site interesting and dynamic.

Free Website Builder

Weebly is a website builder that uses a drag-and-drop interface to design websites. It is an online web software, so there is no need to download and install any file.

Weebly vs. WordPress

WordPress is the first option you get for building your website when you first join HostMonster, with a number of themes as options for templates. This is because WordPress is the easiest and most popularly used site to create your website.

On the other hand, Weebly is extremely easy to use, especially for those with no technical knowledge. You have many color and font options to choose from for customizing your website, as well as Share buttons for various social sites. Elements like forms and buttons are available as pre-built components that can simply be dragged and added to the template.

How to Activate Weebly

To build your website on Weebly, go to the cPanel, find the Weebly option, and click on it. You will be asked to choose a theme to act as the foundation of your site. After that, use the drag-and-drop usage feature to add various features like forms, maps and buttons onto your site.

Online Store Features

If you are building your e-commerce site will also find many useful elements and features like product pages, product categories, and also fully pre-built sections commonly added by people like menus and Meet the team sections. All you have to do is drag and place them and they will fit right in.

All of these are available in the shared hosting plans only. The VPS and dedicated plans are even more loaded with features. WE will look at these plans and explore the technical features of HostMonster in detail in the next part.

What Makes it a Favorite Among Individuals and SMEs? 

Above, we saw how even the shared hosting features of HostMonster were strong enough to give an edge to individuals and small businesses. In this article, we will be seeing how even the higher plans of HostMonster are so reasonably priced that anyone with a small budget too can avail these superior features.

VPS Plans

With the VPS plans of HostMonster, you get virtual private servers or VPS for extra powerful hosting. It is generally used by larger businesses and websites that get high traffic.

You get high-power server resources that are dedicated to your use and also fully managed so that even people with little or no technical knowledge or experience can still enjoy powerful features. If you too want such powerful features, check out the VPS plans of HostMonster.

Dedicated Plans

Dedicated plans provide the highest level of resources and features. The bandwidth and disk space you get with your plan will be exclusively yours. They will always be available at your disposal, even when you are not using them, and not be shared by others on the server.

Moreover, since the HostMonster servers are on the cloud, you can easily scale up when you upgrade your business. If you have a major business, you must check these features out right here.

Payment and Renewal Options

With HostMonster, you will have several payment options. Auto-renewal of services is the default setting here to prevent losses from outages, but you can also choose to make manual payments.

There are also a number of billing options. However, one year is the minimum period for which you must pay one year in advance. Thus, one downside of HostMonster is the absence of a monthly billing option. You can check the options you have once you sign up for HostMonster from here.

Special HostMonster Offer

You can take HostMonster for a spin if you want. You will not be losing anything as there is the advantage of a refund if you cancel within 30 days.

Don’t forget to avail the special discount through our special sign up link below.

You can also use Weebly to create your site.

HostMonster Features

Let’s get a bird’s eye view of the web hosting service HostMonster.


HostMonster provides you with the very popular cPanel layout of the dashboard, but with its own custom UI. Its cPanel is quite easy-to-use, simple, and organized. The first thing you will be greeted with is a preview of your website along with a login button for WordPress.

The sidebar on the left gives you easy access to your sites hosted here, the Mojo Marketplace with its themes and add-ons, your email accounts, and the advanced features of the cPanel. These features help you view more technical information like hosting plans, bandwidth and disk space usage, etc.

Other than that, you will also have access to Webalizer, AWStats and other statistical tools. One-tap installation of applications like WordPress, Joomla and others is possible in the cPanel from the Website section. Instead of WordPress, you can also use Weebly to create your site.


Salient features of HostMonster include its multiway customer service through 24/7 live chat and call feature, easy access to MOJO Marketplace for beginners and many other features and accessibility tools.

Migration Policy

Website migration is provided by HostMonster. You can transfer at the most 5 sites and 20 email accounts form a single hosting account from your previous provider.

Online Support Documentation

HostMonster provides satisfactory online support through:

  1. Massive knowledgebase of over 550 articles, accessible through the search option
  2. A step-by-step guide with the “Getting Started” wizard on the launch page for easy launching of your new website.
  3. Numerous “How-to” video tutorials
  4. Tagged help pages for easy search and find
  5. 24/7 live chat


The HostMonster datacenter is in Utah, USA.

Money-Back Guarantee

With HostMonster, you have the option to cancel the subscription within 30 days for a full refund by calling customer support with a cancellation request.

HostMonster’s Lowest-Priced Plan

The lowest cost for a HostMonster subscription is $4.95/month which is an intro offer for when you first sign up. This contract is for 3 years. The plan, however, gets renewed at the regular rate of $10.99/month. You can check out this and other plans here.

This plan features:

  • One website
  • One free domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 50 GB of storage
  • 5 email accounts with 100 MB of storage each
  • 5 parked domains
  • 25 subdomains.

If you feel like you HostMonster is the right choice for you, you can check out its features and pricing from their page here.

Backup Policy

HostMonster provide a good backups. This means  HostMonster will backup your site at their own discretion.

Site Backup Pro

To avoid the risk of not having backups, you can add Site Backup Pro as an add-on to your site, which can be used to do daily manual backups. In the event of data loss, you will be able to restore your site from several time points.

Since HostMonster deletes old backups after 30 days, you will be responsible for downloading any backup to your local storage if you want to retain a version of your site.

PCI Compliance

HostMonster is universally PCI compliant, which means you will get it on all their plans.

  • Pros

  • Cons

  • Privacy of site visitors is ensured using the free SSL certificate provided
  • The cPanel control panel makes onboarding easy and user-friendly
  • Customers have the choice of dedicated as well as VPS servers
  • There is no Windows hosting facility
  • You do not get any uptime guarantee
  • Alternate Options

    If you like what HostMonster offers and are holding back only because of no uptime guarantee, you should definitely give A2 Hosting or Bluehost a chance. A2 Hosting is very similar to HostMonster in its features, plans, and prices, but additionally comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee, no matter which plan you choose. 

    HostMonster allow WordPress to perform optimally with the host. HostMonster allows for one-click installation. 

    While these are all lucrative choices, the budget offerings of HostMonster makes it so sought after. In the next and final part, we will do a more critical assessment of the web hosting service.

    Does This Budget Option Fulfil Your Expectations?

    The first part looked at the most affordable and popular option of HostMonster while the second part compared the enterprise-level options that it offers customers, still at great price ranges. But are those options enough for the web hosting needs of people or has HostMonster compromised quality for cost? Read on to find out.

    HostMonster’s Technology

    HostMonster also provides:

    • Dual Quad-core processor performance servers
    • Backup power through diesel generator
    • Linux OS
    • Network monitoring 24/7

    HostMonster ensures reliable hosting without long periods of power outage with the help of these infrastructural foundations.

    Uptime Guarantee

    HostMonster only declares that there might be downtime, which will be fixed within 15 minutes. However, it is not always possible to stick to that limit. HostMonster does, however, provide a pro-rated refund if you cancel your subscription due to downtime issues. The best idea would be to continuously monitor your uptime from the cPanel.

    Cloudflare CDN

    HostMonster provides free Cloudflare support irrespective of your plan. Cloudflare is one of the most popular CDNs or content delivery networks in the world. The function of a CDN is to store a version of your website on servers all across the world.

    When a user requests for your site, it can be provided from the nearest server location. This decrease loading time, and thus, also the bounce rate due to this.

    24/7 Customer Support

    HostMonster has 24/7 live chat on their browsing site, which allows visitors to talk to a customer care agent any time they want to regarding any queries they may have when going through the features of HostMonster. This is a valuable facility that any company can provide.

    Support for Prospective Customers

    The best thing about HostMonster in terms of customer care is that the live chat is available for everyone, be they curious visitors, prospective or existing customers. There are a lot of things that prospects may want to know or be clear about, especially about things that they may not find on the website or might find ambiguous.

    These could be questions about the locations of the servers, whether the option of website migration is provided, what kind of control panel or dashboard they provide.

    Tech Support for Paid Customers

    HostMonster customer service is provided through a toll-free number and of course, live chat. Customer care is available 24/7 for paying customers. If you see a little green light on the support page, it means a phone or chat agent is online to answer your queries. The average time you might have to wait before being connected is also displayed.

    Online Help Documentation

    The support page of HostMonster displays the links to the most popular help or guide articles that explain various things regarding operating HostMonster. Although the articles are helpful, there is little organization in the way the knowledgebase is set up. You will have to search using keywords to find all articles on that topic.

    Pros and Cons

    Let us look at where HostMonster scores and where there is room for improvement.

    • Pros

    • Cons

  • User-friendly dashboard or control panel providing easy application in
  • Unmetered disk space
  • User-friendly dashboard providing easy application installation
  • Sufficient developer tools
  • Unmetered disk space and storage
  • No uptime guarantee
  • A hard-to-navigate knowledgebase.
  • Final Thoughts

    Our Verdict – 4.5/5 Star

    HostMonster is an affordable option for those who are just starting out. Its shared hosting plans are quite competent for small businesses and individuals. Its developer features are also satisfactory.

    If you want to check out HostMonster, you can definitely visit their site from below and avail of the discount. You will not be disappointed.


    How easy is it to set up a basic website with HostMonster?

    To set up your basic HostMonster website, choose the suitable plan first. Get a domain name of your choice, create your account and pay for it. You will now be introduced to the cPanel. Use the website builder to design your site and launch it within minutes.

    Does HostMonster offer any Windows hosting plans?

    Unfortunately, HostMonster does not support Windows. Linux is the top choice for most hosts due to its open-source nature and its support for most of the popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

    A2 Hosting is a popular choices for Windows hosting support at reasonable rates. 

    Where are HostMonster’s datacenters located?

    While HostMonster does not explicitly mention the location of its datacenter, it is predicted by DataCenter Knowledge to be in the same place as the datacenters for Bluehost and HostGator, as all three are owned by Endurance International Group.

    This means it is in Provo, Utah, USA. HostMonster also uses Cloudflare CDN, so your site will be mirrored in the Cloudflare nodes all over the world.

    Are managed dedicated servers available at HostMonster?

    HostMonster does provide fully managed dedicated servers with its VPS plans. It also has fully dedicated server plans. So, just go ahead and sign up from the link below and avail an early bird discount right now.

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