GreenGeeks Hosting and WordPress Review: 70% Discount Link Inside

GreenGeeks was introduced with the aim to create an environment-friendly, yet economical web hosting service. Since its inception in 2006, it has had astounding success, with over 40,000 customers and 500,000 websites under its belt.

GreenGeeks is most suitable for the newbies and moderately experienced, who are looking for a good option to start hosting their website and scale up as they grow without the need to migrate. In this article, we will give a brief overview of GreenGeeks before going into detail about these in the next parts.

Hosting Types

The focal point of GreenGeeks is its beginner shared hosting plan for those wanting an accessible plan to start with that they can later scale up to a larger environment tailored to their needs. This is accentuated by specific WordPress hosting and large-scale plans like VPS and dedicated server hosting to cater to the entire demographic.

Extra Features

Green hosting is not the only thing GreenGeeks is known for. Backed by strong data loss protection, data security and datacenter choice options, GreenGeeks is one of the strongest contenders in the business.

Eco-friendly Hosting

It is not hard to see what makes GreenGeeks unique. It aggressively rallies for sustainability in its operations. Their persistent carbon offsetting has resulted in 300% carbon credit restoration, making it the greenest web hosting service provider out there. This not only fills in for what others in the industry fail to accomplish in terms of energy cleanliness but also inspires them to try harder. To consume fewer resources and pay attention to the environment.

Greener Doesn’t Mean Weaker

When the now-CEO of GreenGeeks, Trey Gardner, realized that the web hosting industry was as energy-intensive as air travel and the like, he knew he had to do something about it. So he decided to provide a cleaner alternative in the form of GreenGeeks in 2008.

GreenGeeks has become an EPA Green Power Partner. It provides web hosting services as powerful as any in the market, but without harming the environment. It has not only brought down its own carbon footprint to zero but also made it negative thrice over, which is an amazing feat by modern standards.

Efficient Infrastructure

GreenGeeks uses the most energy-efficient technology of the times for its servers and maintains every necessary standard, besides the batches of wind energy credits it has purchased to counterbalance the energy consumption of the servers. It is truly a trailblazer when it comes to showing the world how green web hosting is done.

GreenGeeks Overview

We sum up the main points on GreenGeeks to help you compare with others.


  • Eco-friendly hosting without compromising on performance
  • Easy scalability of shared hosting plans, ideal for beginners
  • Cost-effective and easy dedicated WordPress hosting

Migration Policy

GreenGeeks grants one free migration per hosting account.

Support Material Quality

Support material is diverse and helpful, available as site tutorials, video tutorials and knowledgebase.

Control Panel

GreenGeeks cPanel is used.

Available Datacenters

There are 4 datacenters across North America and Europe.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Lowest Plan Price

Plans start at $2.95 per month.

Backup Policy

Automatic nightly backups and one monthly restore free of cost in shared hosting plans.

Sitebuilder Included?

Free sitebuilder is provided.

PCI Compliant?

PCI compliance is part of the Premium plans, while it must be added as a charged top-up in other plans.

What Makes GreenGeeks Shared Hosting Stand Out?

Besides the focus on eco-friendly hosting, GreenGeeks also provides:

  • Speed and powerful performance
  • Reliability and Security
  • Datacenter choice

Website Speed

Site load speed is one of the biggest factors that determine the success of your site. As every website owner adopts more and more advanced technologies to make the loading of their site faster and smoother, you will lose out on visitors rampantly if your site takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. Not only that, but Google also uses site speed as a parameter to decide SEO ranking. Slower the speed, less the crawling of your site and poorer its performance, and GreenGeeks just mainatains that for you.

Speed Stack

Speed stack refers to the host of technologies GreenGeeks uses to enhance site speed. These are:

  • SSD hard drives
  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • Fast MariaDB
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • PHP 7
  • HTTP/2


The security features of GreenGeeks include:

  • Pro-active server monitoring
  • Real-time file scanning
  • Secure vFS
  • Clustered threat analysis
  • Hosting account isolation

Account isolation helps keep it off-bounds for others to prevent encroachment and security attacks.

Datacenter Options

GreenGeeks has 4 datacenters as of now, running on cutting-edge, clean technology. One of the attractive features of GreenGeeks is that it allows its users to choose which datacenter they want their site to be hosted on. Go to the Datacenters section for the list.


  • Carbon emissions offset threefold by carbon credit buy-backs
  • Stringent security for site safety
  • Protection against data loss by automated backups


  • No datacenters in Asia
  • Costlier than some other options

The excellent speed and uptime of GreenGeeks has earned it a 4.5 out of 5 stars from reviews by over 350 customers.

Most Popular GreenGeeks Hosting Plans

Plans WordPress Hosting Reseller Hosting VPS Hosting
SSL Free Windcard SSL Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate
Web Space Unlimited 60 GB SSD Disk Space 50 GB SSD Disk Space
Starting Price 2.95$ / mo 29.95$ / mo 39.95$ / mo
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Customer Support

According to GreenGeeks, it ensures 100% customer satisfaction. While this sounds like a business gimmick, GreenGeeks does provide multiple avenues for customer care in the form of phone, email or live chat. While phone service is accessible only during business hours, live chat is available 24/7.

Self-Help Resources

If you prefer to be self-dependent, you can access the extensive knowledgebase and the tutorials to help with any issue. You can also read their blogs for invaluable input on a variety of topics like SEO, digital marketing, cyber-security, etc.

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