GetResponse Email Marketing Review By A Digital Marketing Consultant

Email marketing is the new hot topic for every business, it is the next best thing when it comes down to promoting your brand as well as keeping you engaged with your consumers.

The various types of email marketing tools let alone all the different features can be so overwhelming to understand.

I’m sure as a newbie blogger or email marketer you aren’t sure what goes where and if that’s the best place it should go.

When I stepped into freelancing, it was overwhelming for me and I bet you It was just as overwhelming for the millions of beginners like myself at that time.

You want to ensure you’re using the best tool that is going to save you time, not hurt your bank balance too much but still provides you with everything you may need to accomplish successful marketing.

I am positive that this is not the first article you’ve read on marketing tools – I’m sure you’ve spent more time than you would like, trying to understand email marketing tools and decide which one works best for you.

Table of Contents What exactly is GetResponse?Why Choose GetResponse Exclusively?So, How To Use GetResponse?Their Basic PlanTheir Plus PlanTheir Professional PlanTheir Max PlanOur Favorite Plan?In My Opinion:Conclusion (5/5)

Now, although this may not be the first article on this topic that you’ve read – I want to make it your last.

I am going to tell you about an email marketing tool that is going to make your career TEN TIMES easier.

Yes, that’s right – after this article you are going to know how to start making email marketing easier and a lot more fun for you because we are going to talk about – GetResponse.

A beginner-friendly as well as advanced email marketing tool that is dominating the game right now when it comes down to email marketing.

What exactly is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an advanced email marketing tool with an absolute mass of staggering features, giving many other well-known email marketing tools a run for their money.

GetResponse is targeted to make email marketing simpler and with their endless options of automation and consumer engagement, email marketing is now A LOT more fun and A LOT less tedious.

With all this tool has to offer, you really can’t go wrong. Without a tool as advanced and well equipped as this one is, it’s easy for you to not really be experiencing email marketing to its full extent, whether you haven’t found the tool you want to utilize yet or the current tool you’re using is not user-friendly – limiting your ability to be adventurous.

So, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have mentioned the outstanding features that GetResponse enables its users with, but let’s take a look at what some of the best features are:

  • Designing auto-response emails; it can be a real drag having to send each new subscriber a welcome mail, or happy birthday mail, with this powerful emailing tool, you can set this up in a few clicks and BAM! – no more drafting welcome mails for you!
  • An in-depth view of the statistics and analytics of your emailing list which is important as you want to check the progress and effectiveness of your emails.
  • Creating customer surveys which can give you a clearer indication of your target-audiences trend in preferences.
  • Various templates which you can customize and add that personal touch too.
  • Product recommendation’s which not only literally give your consumers the idea to buy something, but it’s also automatic which means – less work for you!
  • Landing pages packed with features such as a countdown timer to add to discounts/offers, sign-up forms PLUS ecommerce tools to make shopping more pleasant for your clients and easier for you to manage.
  • WEBINARS! Yes – you can get Infront of your whole audience and bring definition to interacting with consumers.
  • SOOO many integration options; GetResponse is making anything possible by offering clients the choice of over 100 different integration options, below we have an example of just a tiny portion of the vast amount of different options there are.

These are just a couple of the outstanding features GetResponse gives their users, if we named each one this article would never end!

As you can see, this platform completely makes it possible to do everything; you never want to be limited in marketing and with GetResponse you are going to be limitless!

Why Choose GetResponse Exclusively?

Without the use of such a user-friendly tool, email marketing won’t be the same. You need a tool that is going work for your business and its growth – the intuitive design of this tool guarantee’s that. As much as this is a tool that newbies can make use of, the improved tool has the in-depth functions more established businesses are looking for.

Infographic - Planting The Seeds To Grow Your Email Subscriber ListInfographic - Planting The Seeds To Grow Your Email Subscriber List

So now that you have a couple of facts at your hand, let me lay out the facts for you as to why you should choose GetReponse,

  • A free 30-day trial is offered for those afraid of commitment or if you’d prefer to test the waters then GetResponse has you covered!
  • 24/7 support available and extensive research has proved that GetResponses customer support is very helpful so should you need a hand, you can count on someone actually responding to you.
  • The long list of well-built features makes it possible to do anything you can possibly think of from its ability to perform screen sharing down to the various conversion funnels this tool has.
  • Helpful training is provided through documentation and live sessions making it easy for anyone to become an email marketing PRO.
  • You can customize your own Instagram, Facebook, and pop-ads all with one simple tool!
  • This tool, according to research has a consistent delivery rate of 99% which is the highest rate in this specific industry.
  • This fast-developing tool has now well over 350 000 users from 183 different countries globally who trust GetResponse.
  • With the average of a 4-star review among different sites and platforms, this tool is becoming the new email marketing trend.
  • You can check “engagement scores” which is extremely useful to see which of your audience is losing interest so you can once again captivate them.
  • Due to the comprehensive amount of data and analytics this tool provides you with, you then have the knowledge to create marketing strategies that are more aligned with your target audience.
  • You have the opportunity to not just get to know your subscribers better but for them to get to know you and your brand better by making use of the various attributes, to connect to your consumers.
  • The automated emails can contain pictures, eBooks, videos YOU NAME IT!
  • The ability to join many integrations, offers your business a constant boost in growth as you are able to direct and manage your email traffic better.
  • The countless ready-made features make it possible for you to spend less time trying to get your audience to buy your eBook and more time enjoying the satisfaction of having published an eBook.
  • The price structure is extremely competitive, you are getting real quality and quantity for the amount that you are paying– the higher the emailing list size you need, the more expensive each structure is; the largest list size they offer is a gigantic 100 000.

So, How To Use GetResponse?

As I have mentioned – this tool is extremely advanced, and in-depth but what makes it a competitive email marketing tool is that it is also very user-friendly so, you don’t have to panic if you aren’t really sure what you’re doing at first.

With the available tutorials, forums, blogs and the friendly customer support team who are always ready to help, it makes getting around GetResponse so much easier!

List Building ProgramList Building Program

So, you can easily enroll from the above link, and start building your list with their free course- although, we do have a video tutorial too for you as we move forward, but we strongly recommend you joining this 90-day free course and start building list .

Now, let’s first take a look at their four different pricing structures and how they work!

Their Basic Plan

  • This plan starts off as low as $15/month with a list size of 1000!   We found this to be extremely affordable as the list size is relatively large for Startup businesses.
  • We found that this plan is also packed with enough features to get started with, all the features available in this plan allows you to have unlimited automation templates as well as landing pages.
  • This plan also allowed us to create 1 sales funnel which is not bad for the cheapest package, we are also able to sell E-products through this plan and create Facebook Ads.
  • We were able to have unlimited lead funnels and autoresponders.

Their Plus Plan

  • This is definitely the most favored among many businesses and individuals as the starting price is $49/month with a list size of 1000, there are a lot more features available under this plan.
  • We found that this plan has everything that their Basic Plan has, plus we were able to create sales funnels and webinar funnels with a maximum of 5 each, and this plan lets you have up to 100 attendees for your webinar which we found are very good features to have considering the affordable monthly fee.
  • The great thing about this plan is that we’re able to have up to 3 users working on GetResponse which is extremely useful and easier to manage, we also found that contact scoring and tagging is included.

Their Professional Plan

  • We find this plan to be tailored more for semi-established businesses, with a starting price of $99/month, this plan has everything their plus plan has but with a lot of more benefits.
  • One of our favorite aspects of this plan is that comes with an automation builder with unlimited usage and the on-demand webinars feature which allows you to prerecord webinars, upload and view them at any time!
  • The work together with features allows up to 5 people, we also found that we could host paid webinars which is more lucrative, as well as the sales and conversion funnels, are unlimited.

Their Max Plan

  • This plan doesn’t come with set prices, it allows you to personalize and tailor the option to more suit your needs, essentially this would be most ideal for established businesses.
  • This plan, of course, comes with all the features from the Pro plan, we were able to get a dedicated IP address, webinars hosting a maximum of 500 audience members plus you’ll have the opportunity of speaking to an email campaign consultant and deliverability consultant to give you that extra boost of support.
  • In order to get onto this plan, you would just need to get a quote based on your requirements

Our Favorite Plan?

When using GetResponse, it had been really tough to decide which pricing plan is our favorite but after much thought, we would highly recommend The Plus Plan – it’s very affordable considering everything it offers. Although some of you may be just starting; it’s important to know that the best tools make for the best marketing and you want as many incredible tools as possible.

Overall, all their plans are really competitive for this industry especially for everything GetResponse provides their members with.

Now that you know the key aspects that make this tool an all-time favorite, why this tool will work for you and everything you need to know about their prices, let’s get started with GetResponse.

The first thing you need to do is sign-up, you can choose from the various paid plans or you can start off with a 30-day free trialAnd the second thing you need to do is watch the video below on how to effectively kick start your email marketing with GetResponse.

In My Opinion:

Among the many different marketing tools, our clients and many other platforms have used, they all love GetReponse! We find this to be a great and efficient tool that enables its users to get everything they need to be done, both quickly and effectively.

The different features of this tool enables your email list to grow with your business. You can eventually grow your email list by upto 10k subscribers, if you follow their guide. Get started from below link.

GetResponse ticks all the boxes when it comes down to what makes a good marketing tool and we’ve found it to be reliable as well as enjoyable to use, whether you’re a fan of email marketing or not this tool will get you in the buzz!

Conclusion (5/5)

After assessing how comprehensive and packed GetResponse is with all its premium features and how it works for everyone – it’s not really surprising to see how many companies and individuals all around the globe are in love with GetResponse. 

Yes, there are older email marketing tools that have a larger user base but this 1997 platform is dominating the ranks with an abundance of ultra-modernized functions’, abilities, and a wide variety of fun templates for you to get creative with.

The easy-to-use advantage is a major plus as many marketing tools make it complicated for new users to get acquainted. You don’t want a tool that is going to be outdated or that might not be supplying you with everything your business needs.

Your brand is an investment and you want to give that investment nothing but the best chances of being a success, and if you can agree with this then you should join GetReponse and get a true taste of what real email marketing feels like.

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