ClickFunnels Vs Kartra Comparison – Here Is The Ultimate Deciding Guide

Are you a business executive or planning to start an online business?

Then, without any second thought you should start to get leads for free or use a strategic marketing software which can give you an advantage over your competitors without you doing much of a hassle.

Ask why?

It’s because  no online business can run successfully without an upright marketing tool. Moreover, an increase in competition over the decade has increased the demand for competitive marketing tools.

Today, the two tools that overrun the market are Kartra and Clickfunnels.

Although, if you first want to have a detailed review on Kartra exclusively, then you can simply follow our post “Kartra In-depth Review

Both of these tools are created by innovative marketers to help people manage businessess and email management. Along with the similarities, there are many differences too, which makes it quite easy for an individual to make a choice between them.

In this article, I will do a nitty-gritty comparison of both tools to help you make the right decision for your business.

What is Clickfunnels?

As the name suggests Clickfunnels is a tool designed for companies to sell their products and services online by building effective sale funnels. Russel Brunson started it in 2014, to help non-tech-savvy persons to run the online business smoothly. Clickfunnels leads the market for its outstanding marketing strategies.

It comes with a wide range of features to build a profitable website. It provides its users with the facility of customized templates, creating landing pages, membership sites, modest opt-in pages, and collecting payments. It was the first tool to provide such an amazing facility to business owners to grow their business by using marketing funnels.

Here is a quick video that illustrates its flagship features in brief

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing software that helps business owners to accomplish various tasks. In addition to Clickfunnel features, it offers many more unique features. Moreover, in contrast to Clickfunnels, Karta was designed in April 2018 by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. In a brief span, it earned a distinguished reputation in the sales funnel market.

It is an inclusive platform that is a combination of multiple software pieces. Using this tool, owners can create their own platform in no time with no expert developers. Kartra guide customers from time to time, track and manages orders, offers build-in desk and quality email automation service along with aiding in receiving payments.

Let’s further explore this powerful video below to better understand Kartra and its features.

ClickFunnels vs Kartra : Which one should you go for?

It is crystal clear that both aim to make online marketing easy by leaving no need for expert coders and web developers. However, in deciding between one of these it’s necessary to compare their features. It makes it easier to choose which sales funnel software suits your business demands.

So, let’s do a head-to-head comparison of the striking features of both products.

Page builder

The landing page builder is one of the most valued features of these enticing tools. Both Kartra and Clickfunnels use a drag-and-drop functionality. In Kartra, creating a web page is a rather a simple process. What’s required of you is to just select one of the wide range of templates available, and you are almost there.

Also, its web-editor comprises of 2 modes: ‘column and component’. The ability to add pre-built sections like drop boxes and testimonials also comes in handy.

However, the page builder of Clickfunnels is more optimized than Kartra. Furthermore, Clickfunnel’s editor offers more flexibility. It offers the choice to choose the type of industry, funnel, and templates.


Clickfunnel surely wins this round because it’s more task-oriented.

However, we have a great premium resource for you that actually has some hidden and realistic strategies, which could actually help you boost your sales while building funnels (It did helped me 4X my online business), offered by Clickfunnels itself, and I strongly recommend first going through this challange for a better understanding of how optimally you could use the software

Email Automation

Both tools offer the service of email automation, which is good enough for companies dealing with the bulk of emails. Clickfunnels administers email automation by gathering client’s information from social platforms. Kartra, on the other hand carries this process to a whole new level. Grading customers by using its algorithm is one of its remarkable features.

Moreover, Kartra’s email feature is relatively unique. For email customization, Kartra uses personalization and behavioral-based automation features. It’s “if and then” parameters automatically follow-up to the customers, tackling their issues and orders.

Plus-point here is that, unlike Clickfunnel’s actionetics feature, Kartra doesn’t charge additional money for using their email marketing tool.

So, you have an immensely powerful tool at your disposal that tracks customer interaction to a great level.


This round surely goes to Kartra which offers email automation in all pricing options while Clickfunnel doesn’t.

Membership sites

Using a membership site is a magic trick to generate passive income. Both competitive tools offer this enticing feature.

Setting up a membership portal on Clickfunnels is as easy as customization of the templates. No doubt this is a bit less customized but it provides the facility of ‘member access’ and registration pages to everyone using it.

Also, the integration of its sale funnel and membership site makes this tool smoother and more efficient.

Yet it has one major setback, for audio hosting and progress tracking, you have to connect with a third party.

Contrary to that, Kartra is a step ahead. By using the Kartra membership site you can directly upload documents, text, and audio directly on servers.

Kartra is a full-pack solution to all restrictions you face on the former tool. For entrepreneurs interested in course creation, Kartra is indeed the best bet. Above all it provides built-in features with no need for a third party.


Once again Kartra comes out on top due to its multi-tier membership site.

Affiliate Management

Online business owners need an affiliate management tool to make a lead in the market. You also have the option to earn a commission from both platforms by becoming an affiliate.

Clickfunnel’s affiliate software, Backpack, gives you the option to earn a commission on every sale. On top of that, Clickfunnel makes sure that you earn recurring commissions, which it ensures by using “sticky cookies.” You can add an affiliate feature on all your funnels. Tracking all clicks and sales also comes in handy. There’s a major drawback though, this outstanding feature is available only on expensive pricing options.

With Kartra there is no such issue. Its global setting allows users to affiliate all products. Moreover, it incorporates a well-organized system by releasing payment in PayPal instantly for successful sale on Kartra. In particular products you can even add affiliate on checkout. Users can also opt for the option to send questionnaires to affiliates.


Cleary, Karta beats Clickfunnel in this feature too. With Kartra’s affiliate program, you can easily grow your business.

A/B Testing

To check whether or not their website’s running well, owners use the technique of split testing. Surprisingly, both Kartra and Clickfunnel provide by testing different pages.

Split testing in Clickfunnels makes it feasible for you to check any page from of all the templates. Furthermore, it gives each page a confidence score by running a performance check. It ultimately chooses the winner page and archives the losing page automatically.

Similar to Kartra, this product also prides a stat report. But it stands no chance against Kartra’s detailed stat report.

Kartra, on the other hand performs way more efficient split testing than Clickfunnels. You can perform test on pages within the platform or from any external URL. You can also set a specific percentage of visitors on each page. Unlike the former, you can set out various metrics to perform the test and select the winner yourself or automatically.

“Perfect of certainty” report by Kartra is a full-fledge report stating how a page is performing as compared to others.


With its unique features, rich data collection, and option to use A/B testing even in the base package in contrast to Clickfunnel. Kartra takes the lead again.

Customer support

Running business desires to have good customer support to avoid any pitfalls- as it helps in bringing them more sales.

Clickfunnels lacks a bit in this feature. No doubt it has strengthened a lot as compared to its past response rates, and have covered plenty of ground of their game, but still, need lots of catching to do.

The users of this product still report issues regarding their slow response rate. Although a Facebook group is now available to tackle all issues along with the online tutorials.

On the other hand, Kartra has taken a lead in this feature in a short span. Its customer support is quite good from the start. Besides live chat, it facilitates its user by conducting a free training program. They completely assist their users in training them on how to use their phenomenal tools. Besides, users can also take advice from Kartra’s Facebook community.


With its fast user response rate, Kartra is undeniably better and wins this round.

Pricing Plans

Both sales funnels offer a variety of plans, selected according to the needs of users. Clickfunnels offer a set of 3 pricing plans.


Clickfunnels: It is a basic plan of $97/ month with limited funnels and pages. And no email automation feature.

Clickfunnels Platinum: It charges $297/month with unlimited funnels and pages. Access to email automation and priority support is there.

The TwoCommaClubX: It charges $2497/month. It includes a set of the platinum plan along with many more privileges.


Unlike Clickfunnels, Kartra offers 4 plans to the clients.

The Starter: Charges $99/month. Includes 2500 leads, 1 custom domain, limited emails, bandwidth, pages, products, helpdesk. Agency feature is currently not available.

The Silver: Charges $199 a month. Includes 12,500 leads, 3 custom domains unlimited emails, pages, video hosting, product, and helpdesk, plus Kartra Agency.

The Gold: Charges $299/month. Includes 25,000 leads, 5 custom domains, plus all the features of the previous option.

The Platinum: Charges $499 a month. Includes 50,000 leads, 10 custom domains, and include the feature-set of the previous plan.


When it comes to pricing, Kartra is likely to win. It offers more features at affordable prices than Clickfunnels.

Dominant differences that can make or break the deal !

Along with these common features, there are many differences that gives Kartra an edge, thus making it unique in the marketplace altogether.

Here are some of the most prominent ones.

Kartra’s Calendar Function

Kartra offers a built-in calendar function with four different modes. It shows your customers your already scheduled meetings. In this way, they can look for a suitable time to arrange a meeting. Each mode has its unique specialties.

As for now, Clickfunnels doesn’t offer this feature to its clients.

Kartra’s Video hosting

For the record, this function too is not available to Clickfunnels users. But in Kartra it can be done within it. Just go with the flow and let the world know about your brand. In doing all this, remember it affects your bandwidth. However, Vimeo and YouTube save you from this hustle.

Once again, as mentioned, Clickfunnels lags and their users need third party services for this feature.

Kartra’s Helpdesk

Another feature utterly linked with Kartra is the helpdesk feature. In today’s date it becomes somewhat difficult to handle operations if all your agents start using emails together. Kartra saves you a great ordeal by offering helpdesk service by using a ticket system that’s set up with multi-departments.

Clickfunnels, unfortunately lacks this incredible service, which is actually a substantial component for entrepreneurs.

Kartra’s Agency

This feature allows you to manage all clients’ accounts in a sole centralized view. Via this feature, you can handle all your client portfolios through a unified billing profile. Moreover, you can view the client’s metrices and drive awareness of your brand.

On the other hand, this enticing feature is not there like this in Clickfunnels software.

Kartra VS Clickfunnels: So, which is best for your business?

Kartra and Clickfunnels both are incredible tools. If you are looking for an all-in-one marketing tool, Kartra is the beast. No other software stands a chance against it. For new entrepreneurs, Kartra provides a comprehensive package. It runs on the first row if you want to add strength and reputation to your business.

But If you are only looking for typical sales funnel software, go for Clickfunnels. For the past 5 years, many business owners have been using Clickfunnels with outstanding success.

So, make a choice, keeping in mind the features that suit your business decision best.

Although, it is inevitably clear that Kartra wins for anyone who is planning a long-term game; however to make an ultimate decision you can go for the trials of both the products.