Bluehost Review ~ Pros & Cons | 65% Discount Deal Inside

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting service providers in the world, especially for beginners. It is owned by the Endurance International Group. Though Bluehost caters to all types of websites, it is best known for its WordPress hosting.

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  • SSL certificate and domain for free
  • Managed hosting in WordPress
  • Small business-oriented marketing services and e-commerce plans


  • No reseller hosting feature
  • No guarantee of regular automatic backups

The ample amount of reviews are proof of the popularity of Bluehost and its easy setup, customer support, and instructional videos.

Is Bluehost the Perfect Host For Your Site?

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Bluehost Review

Bluehost is one of the first names you encounter when researching web hosting. It is ideal for beginners and for WordPress, while its performance, speed and customer support are exemplary.

This review goes into details about the features of Bluehost. We discuss why it is a great choice for you and back it up with reviews and actual performance and uptime data for multiple months.

Hosting Types 

Bluehost offers the following hosting types:

  • WordPress Web Hosting
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting

Let us discuss each in detail.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is ideal for:

  • Starting a website with
  • Low traffic website
  • Cost economizing

As the name suggests,you share a server with other websites in shared hosting, which, in turn, helps to share the costs too.

But it means you will have to share the resources too, making it unsuitable for larger sites with major traffic.

Three Types of Plans

This video tells you what makes the shared hosting of Bluehost different from others, including the in-house design, development, and maintenance.

Bluehost offers three tiers of shared hosting plans with different levels of resources allocation, that you can choose depending on the size of your site.

Bluehost offers some unique shared web hosting plans that sets them apart from others. These plans encompass everything that one needs to get their website up and running.

Starting price$3.95$2.75$3.95
Renewal price$7.99$6.95$11.95
Free domain nameYesYesNo
SSD drivesYesNoYes
Storage50 GBUnmetered10 GB
SSL certificate includedYesYesYes
Bandwidth limitationsNoNoNo

WordPress Web Hosting

There are two specialty plansfor WordPress users from Bluehost:

  1. WordPress Hosting – shared hosting plans at affordable rates
  2. WP Pro – managed hosting option for advanced WordPress use.

One of the reasons why Bluehost is so popular is because it focuses so much on WordPress, which is the most-used CMS in the world.

Bluehost has all the support you need as a newbie, including lots of video tutorials and textual stepwise guides.

WordPress Shared Hosting

The WordPress Hosting plans of Bluehost are shared hosting plans specifically for beginner WordPress users.

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The 3 Plans

There are three plans provided with features scaled according to the number and size of your sites.

All the plans come at highly reasonable rates, making them affordable even for users who are just starting a WordPress website or blog.

What Makes These Plans Unique?

The WordPress hosting plans of Bluehost are a step ahead of other shared hosting plans because they

  • Have WordPress pre-installed
  • Have a WordPress staging environment to make changes and view them before updating the actual site
  • Have several ready-made WordPress themes.

Besides these, necessary managed services like automatic updates in the WordPress core are also provided.

WP Pro: Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Pro, the managed WordPress hosting of Bluehost, is most suitable for those who want more features than the shared plan for the rising activity on their site or blog.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed services like WP Pro gives you the advantage of Bluehost taking care of the updation your WordPress core.

Bluehost itself takes up the responsibility of optimizing the host infrastructure to let the WordPress sites utilize the resources to the fullest.

Which Plan to Use

You can choose from three WP Pro plans. The basic facilities you get are analytics and marketing tools, malware detection and removal, daily backups and multiple site support. What other features and functions you get depends on the plan you subscribe to.

These include SEO aids, specialty search features and e-commerce integrations on your website.

You also receive all of the resources you need to support your websites, staging environments to test your changes before pushing to production, and no limits on the traffic you can receive.

WooCommerce Hosting

If you are a WordPress user and want to into the online business scene, you can use the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce. It comes absolutely free.

Now you do have the option to host WooCommerce on one of the general shared hosting options. But a better option would be to use to use one of the specific WooCommerce-oriented plans of Bluehost because it provides:

  • WooCommerce and its most used Storefront theme pre-installed
  • A dedicated IP address which provides security from those you are sharing      the server with
  • Greater safety in online payments

Pro Tip: With increasing sales, the recommended step would be to shift the online commerce system from the primary hosting space to WooCommerce. This makes the two functionalities independent, allowing them to work simultaneously well.

VPS Web Hosting

As you grow out the beginner stage, the time comes to move from shared hosting to VPS hosting, which grants you greater power, features and control over your hosting environment. With Bluehost, you can start working on the new VPS hosting environment the moment the payment is done.

Performance and Security

Because you get full sway over the resources you use, like CPU, RAM and disk space, your website will perform better and more stably and your applications will be have more robust security.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is the highest level of web hosting service used by the pros. It is the best option for those whose websites see a huge flow of traffic everyday.

Dedicated hosting comes with:

  • The most powerful and high-performance servers
  • The highest level of security in the environment
  • The greatest level of control and manoeuvrability over the environment

Due to the lightning-fats provisioning of Bluehost, you will find your server ready to use within 24-72 hours after the payment.

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Reseller Web Hosting

Bluehost itself does not provide any reseller hosting options. However, in partnership with ResellerClub, Bluehost does bring such services to its customers.

Hosting Features

Besides web hosting services, you also get some additional services from Bluehost.

Domain Services

You will get a free domain name with most Bluehost hosting plans.


You can create subdomains under different pages, the number of which depends on the plan you are availing.

Parked Domains

Depending on the plan you purchased, you will also get a certain number of parked domains, which will allow you to redirect people going to the parked domain, to your actual website.

Option for Unlimited Number of Domains

For owning as many domains as you want, along with subdomains and parked domains, choose the Plus and Choice Plus options. They are both shared hosting plans.

Domain Manager Tool

The domain management tool of Bluehost is available to every user and allows them to control their domain accomplish the following:

  • Purchase
  • Track
  • Update
  • Manage
  • Transfer.

Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Bluehost also provides the Cloudflare, which is the fastest and most widely-used CDN in the world. CDNs maintain a copy of your site in servers across the world so that when someone requests it, it can be sent to the browser from the most proximal server. This is important as a slowly loading page will not only affect your SEO ranking but also discourage customers and sales.

Control Panel

Bluehost uses its own customized version of the cPanel to let users manage the hosting of their website. The customization makes the control panel less complex and more user-friendly.

You will find the following parts in the Bluehost control panel:

  • My Sites: This allows you to manage the sites under the current account or create a new one. It will take you to your WordPress admin dashboard if you have a WordPress site.
  • Marketplace: This is from where you can add new features and functions to your site or hire help. You can get add-ons, professional services, themes for your WordPress site and so on.
  • Email & Office: Productivity tools you bought are accessed from here. Cloud-based word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools and email clients from Microsoft (Office 365) or Google (G Suite), or even basic email services using the domain of your site are available here.
  • Domains: You can manage your domains from here. Monitor the registration status of your domains, get expiration notifications, find and register new domain names, see the list of your domain names along with a summary of them and their affiliated name servers. update the assignment of domain names is to each site, set up redirection and transfer domains and also manage your subdomains from this domain manager.
  • Advanced: This accesses the more complex features of web hosting. You will find all the file and database management and email settings, advanced security options, resource use metrics and site traffic statistics here.

Account Security

Bluehost is very serious about the safety of your account. This is enforced by the steps below:

  • The single sign-on feature that eliminates the risk of reusing the same   insecure password used everywhere
  • Use of two-factor authentication
  • Option to use a custom token generated during sign-ins to confirm your identity

Bluehost also supports the use of OpenPGP/GPG encryption for the secure transfer of files.

Security: SSL Certificates, SiteLock, and More

Bluehost provides SSL certificates, malware protection and regular, automatic updates to the WordPress core software for your convenience. The things that users must take care of are made easier due to the online checklist of Bluehost.

Security Features

Shared hosting: If your website is running on a shared server suddenly becomes highly active, Bluehost puts in an isolation mechanism to preserve its performance.

Bluehost is responsible for updating the WordPress core website so that all customers can benefit from that. Users will still be responsible for keeping the WordPress plugins updated or your site will not be immune to security compromises. But do not despair. Bluehost itself will notify you when it is time for an update through messages in your dashboard, that will be shown as soon as you log in.

SiteLock by Bluehost

SiteLock is a useful, third-party add-on provided by Bluehost. It is a kind of anti-malware tool that doubles as a firewall for your site. Besides that, Bluehost also gives users an exhaustive checklist to solidify site security.

It is important to keep in mind that Bluehost will not take any responsibility of restoring your site if t gets hacked, so it is best for you to take all precautions possible.

You can try the WP Live service from the control panel if you are a new WordPress user. It is a kind of customer support to help you with security issues. There is a monthly fee but you have the option to cancel any time you want.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates have two main functions:

  • They assure the site visitors of the safety of the data transferred between you and them
  • They work like a seal of trust to validate your legitimacy, garnering both visitor trust and better SEO rankings.

A company called Let’s Encrypt provides Bluehost users with a free SSL certificate. You will have to install and activate the certificate yourself though.

Private SSL for E-Commerce

E-commerce sites will obviously want more stringent security, so it is best for them to get a private SSL certificate. For this, you must buy a dedicated IP address from Bluehost.

A Variety of Additional Options to Choose From

Bluehost provides full guidance in buying additional SSL certificates. What you have to pay for that will depend on the number of domains, subdomains and parked domains you will be securing with one certificate.

Site Migrations

Unfortunately, Bluehost does not provide free site migration like some others. For a price of $149.99 you can migrate upto 5 websites and 20 email addresses, which is quite pricey. The fact that Bluehost uses cPanel makes transferring your own sites easy.

Infrastructure and Datacenters

Very little is known about the datacenters of Bluehost, their location or the security measures employed. The only official statement on the part of Bluehost is that it is all managed by themselves. They might also have a primary datacenter in Provo, UT.

E-Commerce Features and Functionality

There are 3 WooCommerce plans for those considering online business via WordPress. The WooCommerce store comes with the plan.

WordPress non-user can consider:

  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • Zen Cart

PCI Compliance With Bluehost

Bluehost may not be PCI DSS compliant itself, unlike the dedicated E-commerce platform, but it supports it. You, with the assistance f the technical team if you need, can configure the Bluehost settings to be PCI compliant. You will, however, get secure payment gateways for the WooCommerce store.

Marketing Services

Besides features to help set up your website, Bluehost also provides professional full-service digital marketing services to enhance site traffic and retention. You get:

  • SEO support, like insertion keywords, guidance for proper use of title tags and meta descriptions
  • Local listings management for better visibility to proximal leads
  • Monthly content marketing, with Bluehost writers creating content to increase your SEO rankings organically.

These are pretty basic services, but are a good option for beginners and those too busy to handle the marketing. You could, of course do it yourself if you have the expertise to save money.

Alternative Hosts that Offer Marketing

  • GoDaddy has better business and marketing features
  • 1&1 IONOS provides satisfactory marketing services at reasonable rates

Weebly Site Builder

Bluehost brings a user-friendly website builder to its customers in partnership with Weebly. You will get a 30-day free trial, so you can test-drive it without any expense.

Using a drag-and-drop interface makes the platform highly intuitive and easy to use. There are a number of templates to start you off too. Responsiveness is built-in in all designs. The Weebly site builder is accessible from the Site Builders section in the cPanel.

If you are to decide between Weebly and WordPress, we have created a table to help you decide:

Site BuilderWeeblyWordPress
Product TypeWebsite BuilderCMS
Blogging FunctionalityYesYes
Templates/Themes AvailableYesYes
Add-onsYes (Widgets)Yes (Plugins)
CostFree; can upgradeFree
Ease of UseEaseAverage

In conclusion, Weebly is more ergonomic but WordPress is more feature-rich and powerful. So, For a flat 65% discount right now, along with its 100% money-back guarantee. Click below to get started!

Email Accounts and Email Hosting

Bluehost provides basic email services with its hosting plan. The Basic plan allows upto 5 accounts, while the other plans allow upto as many accounts as you specified in the contract. You can individually specify the parameters of each account, like storage space. Bluehost provides both POP and IMAP support , which means you can use any webmail service provider you like.


SpamAssassin is a spam filter service integrated into all Bluehost accounts to help scan the content of incoming messages to sieve out the spam ones. The service is free and just requires activation from the control panel.

Business Email

Bluehost, in a partnership with Microsoft Office 365, offers a basic, enterprise-grade webmail service package that supports email and calendar features for all their plans except the lowest. You get 15 GB of storage plus Outlook Web Access as part of a 30-day trial.

Features for Developers

Bluehost provides the most user-friendly and uncluttered developer tools and functionalities for its users.

File Management

You get a number of file and image management tools, along with different types of FTP connections, even anonymous ones.


With Bluehost, you get PostgreSQL and MySQL database facilities. You can use the integrated wizards, or get Remote MySQL, phpMyAdmin or phpPgAdmin.


You get multiple useful email service features beyond the usual account set-up and storage space modification, like setting up autoresponders, filters and forwarders, managing mailing lists, contacts and calendars features and spam management.


Security features of Bluehost include setting up SSH access to your account and hotlink protection, installing SSL certificates and blocking IP addresses.

Other Software and Advanced Features

Bluehost also provides:

  • PHP PEAR packages
  • Cron jobs
  • Perl modules
  • Apache handlers.

Shared hosting may not provide full root access to your environment as a dedicated or VPS hosting package does, still, the level of control over your server that you get is quite high.

No Windows Hosting . . . Except in India

A downside of Bluehost is that it only provides Linux hosting and not Windows. However, Bluehost India supports both the options.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Bluehost allows users to contact its customer support team through telephone, support ticketing center or live chat. There is also an exhaustive collection of information if you want to try to solve the problem yourself first.

Self-Help Support

Extensive resources on varied topics like email and login management are also available besides the tutorials. You will also find many tutorial videos for beginners for a step-by-step guide. All the videos are available on the Bluehost YouTube channel.

Uptime, Speed, and Performance

The uptime guarantee, reliability and security measures provided by Bluehost are somewhat vague. But with external monitoring, the following facts come to notice:

  • Average uptime for the last year was 99.97%
  • The mean response time was 422 ms.

Altering the test parameters from January 2020 to use a standardized WordPress install for all demo sites, has, however, resulted in increased speeds, including for Bluehost. Loading time improved to 300 ms, although there was no change in the uptime. These are fairly satisfactory results, although issues may arise in the future.

Troubleshooting Times

According to Bluehost, it can correct any issue in 15 minutes. Complex problems may take longer. However, Bluehost does not reimburse for the downtime. What you can do is opt-out of your subscription to get a refund for the outstanding, unused period.

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Bluehost is a reasonable option among web hosting giants and will be enough for most website owners. It is especially useful for WordPress users, who will get many unique and special features for the CMS in Bluehost.